FaqCreate a Social Impact through Digital Transformation

Are you excited by innovation and technopreneurship? Looking for support to build up your groundbreaking idea into an impactful business? Join the SLASSCOM Hackathon for Women!

What’s in it for you:

  • Workshops on ideation, validation, skill development and pitching
  • Exceptional collaborative atmosphere with access to leading experts and industry mentors throughout the hackathon
  • Pool of prizes valued at LKR xxx
  • Participation is absolutely free
  • Post-hackathon: Access to investors, networking, mentoring, bootcamps and more!


Digital Transformation and Social Impact (this can be continued here, another section or PDF)

The Digital Revolution is accelerating social development across every sector, from health to agriculture, financial services, education etc. These powerful new capabilities, properly harnessed, have the potential to supercharge well-being for many more people. But they bring challenges in innovation and how to effectively scale to improve millions of lives long-term. In many cases, we have the tools and technology to make a difference, but they sit on laboratory shelves. What we need are more technopreneurs focused on building out those ideas to connect with the daily lives of real communities.

 Food for thought for the potential technopreneurs,

  • How will tech transform and impact different sectors? (Health, agriculture, finance, education etc)