WTech Hackathon is organized by the Women Technopreneurs Forum, an initiative of SLASSCOM

If you are a tech savvy lady and you think you can make a positive impact to society through tech, then you should definitely take part

Minimum 3 – Maximum 5 (Email and let us know if your team consists of another number)

You will need to build your solution with your teammates within 24 hours and present it to a judging panel. It’s simple as that. But it should be backed by formal Entrepreneurial thinking and processes over the months leading up to the 24 hours!

Not really. But we are specific about creating a Social Impact Though Digital Transformation. theme


Not at all. You can contribute to your team in various ways, such as business, marketing, finance, operation, or strategy

If it’s your project, of course! But we recommend adding a new feature or functionality to it on the hackathon day. (You should verify the IP of what you bring)

You can also propose a new solution under the provided theme

No registration fee, so just your usual bill for electricity & data usage